New Chairman ‘Lighting the Way’ for vital research into kidney disease

The Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund (NIKRF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Jim McCaughan as the new Chair of the Charity. Rev. McCaughan, a retired Presbyterian minister from the north coast, brings a wealth of experience and a personal connection to the charity’s mission.

Rev. McCaughan shares his journey with NIKRF, stating, “I first heard of the Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund when they gave our daughter, Jennifer, a generous grant for her doctoral research. She told us about this wonderful charity, and my wife Alison and I decided to get involved. We have really enjoyed building new friendships and supporting a great cause. I feel enormously privileged to carry this vital work forward with my dedicated colleagues on the board and the support of the entire NIKRF family.”

The NIKRF is excited about the future under Rev. McCaughan’s leadership and looks forward to continuing its vital work in kidney research and support for those affected by kidney disease. Jim is also a member of the NIKRF Ballymoney/Coleraine group.

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