Transplant Recipient Megan Cuts the Ribbon at the Waringstown Cavalcade

On 30 June, transplant recipient Megan Raynor cut the ribbon to open this year’s Waringstown Vintage Cavalcade with the theme Porsche versus BMW.

Hundreds of cars, motorbikes and tractors drove in a spectacular convoy through the pretty village of Waringstown to Lurgan and back.

The Waringstown Vintage Cavalcade has been an annual event for over 50 years raising money for the Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund.

Photo credit: Liam McArdle

Megan has suffered from kidney disease since she was five years of age and received a lifesaving kidney transplant when she was just twelve. Fifteen years later at the age of 27 she is living life to the full with her love of food and powerlifting. She got married in April.

Megan has always wanted to help those with kidney disease and she is starting to make that difference. She is currently a PhD student in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queens University, Belfast. She is studying to improve sexual health awareness among patients with chronic kidney disease.

Megan says, “I have been reflecting on my life and when I think of the little girl who was fighting for her life to the woman that I am becoming, I start to get emotional. I always wondered if I would be here and doing all of these amazing things and because of my donor, I am. I can live my life and make the difference for renal care!”

Chair of the charity, Susan Kee said, “We are delighted to have Megan having the honour of opening this fun event. She is such an inspiration for all kidney patients. We thank her for helping us in #Lighting the Way”