Research has played a vital role for the continued success of our renal services. Research provides the evidence that improves practice.”


The Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund is the only charity in Northern Ireland to raise money for research into the causes, prevention and possible cures for people affected by kidney disease.

We have spent the last 50 years investing in excellent research projects with local scientists and doctors. This has contributed enormously to the quality of renal services in Northern Ireland and further afield.

Without research there is no progress and without progress there is no hope.

Applications for funding from the Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund are open to people undertaking Renal Research in Northern Ireland. Download a Case for Support Form for submission.

Dr Jennifer McCaughan Bursary Award
Annual funding of up to £2,000 will support an applicant to attend a conference to present their kidney or H&I research. Download application here.

Janet Greeves Legacy Fund will fund:

• Legacy Lectures (Contact Stephen O’Neill here)

• Legacy Fellowship (Contact Stephen O’Neill here)

• Training Grant (Download application here)

Medical and Scientific Reports

Research Activity Report (21-22)
Mr Stephen O’Neill MSc PhD FRCS
June 2022

Kidney Transplant Service in NI (21-22)
Dr Aisling Courtney MPhil FRCP
June 2022

General Nephrology Services in NI (21-22)
Dr Agnes Masengu MD MRCP
June 2022

Research Activity Report (22-23)
Mr Stephen O’Neill MSc PhD FRCS
June 2023

NI Transplantation Report (22-23)
Dr Aisling Courtney MPhil FRCP
June 2023

NIKRF Funded Renal Research Projects

  • Diabetic Kidney Disease, no 1 cause of end stage kidney failure
  • Factors influencing the long-term success of kidney transplantation
  • Risk factors for glomerulonephritis, the commonest inflammatory cause of kidney disease
  • Risks for heart disease in persons with chronic kidney disease
  • Better ways to manage chronic kidney disease in the community
  • Safer ways of prescribing intravenous fluids
  • Reasons for rapid weight loss in dialysis patients
  • Links between chronic kidney disease and blood vessel changes in the eye
  • Genetic risks for kidney disease
  • The impact of Acute Kidney Injury in NI over the last decade
  • Psychological impacts on European renal healthcare staff responding to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Genetics of diabetic kidney disease (GWAS)