Jail and Bail Fundraiser – Free our Chair!

Our Chair Susan Kee has been ‘arrested’ as part of the Caring Caretaker David Boyle’s ‘Jail and Bail’ fundraiser in memory of Denis McNeill.

Denis, who was a great advocator and friend of Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund, passed away in February. He spent three years on dialysis and finally received his gift of life, but unfortunately passed away shortly after due to heart problems.

Jail & Bail is hugely entertaining with fundraisers arrested, charged with their crimes (entirely fictitious, of course) and ordered to raise their bail money. The prisoners’ only hope of freedom lies in raising at least £500 by Oct 2023.

All funds raised will go towards lifesaving research into the causes, prevention and possible cures for kidney disease.

Please help Susan raise her bail or she will face a lengthy prison stay!

Donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/susan-kee