Launch of the NIKRF Janet Greeves Legacy Fund

The Janet Greeves Legacy Fund was launched on 4 May, 2023 at the Third Northern Ireland Renal Transplant Symposium when the inaugural Janet Greeves Legacy Lecture was given by Professor Dicken Ko from Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, USA.

The Janet Greeves Legacy Fund will be used for the following programmes:

The NIKRF Janet Greeves Legacy Lectures

Research conferences are important for education, knowledge transfer, networking and collaboration. Research conferences are increasingly moving to formats that are inclusive and multidisciplinary, i.e. all types of staff and students are welcome and can contribute to a successful meeting. These meetings provide opportunities for ‘showcasing’ the high-quality research and clinical practice that is promoted by the NIKRF.

The Janet Greeves Legacy will be used to fund two lectures each year. One of these will be at The Northern Ireland Renal Transplant Symposium which is held every other year, and the other lecture(s) will be at The Northern Ireland Nephrology Forum which has two meetings every year.

The NIKRF Janet Greeves Legacy Training Grant

The training grant is intended to provide financial support for a doctor/nurse/allied health professional/scientist/researcher/student to undertake novel or advanced training which is not usually offered by their employer. The overall remit of the grant includes all areas of renal health and social care. The training grant must have clear potential for directly benefitting renal patients in N. Ireland.

The NIKRF Janet Greeves Legacy Fellowship

Northern Ireland has an excellent living donor transplant programme with the capacity and expertise to offer a Living Donor Transplant Fellowship. This fellowship provides an opportunity for senior trainees to gain unique clinical experience to help them as they make the transition to consultant level. The fellowship is open to suitably qualified individuals from the UK and potentially to trainees from other countries. The Janet Greeves Legacy Fellowship is a prestigious clinical training award for individuals wishing to work in a centre of excellence for renal transplantation.

About Janet Greeves

Janet Greeves was born in 1956 and led a normal, happy, outgoing life until she suffered kidney failure at the age of 13. She became very unwell but was given the gift of life by her mother, who donated a kidney. After that she lived a normal, happy, outgoing life until her death in 2022. Janet:

  • played basketball for Sporting Belfast & Ulster
  • played top level women’s rugby for Sale in England
  • played golf at a very high level
  • won multiple medals in various events with the Great Britain team in a series of World Transplant Games… most of which were gold
  • became a well-known antiques dealer

She was always deeply grateful to the Renal Team in Level 11 and to Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund – to which she left her entire estate.

Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund is humbled by this tremendous act of gratitude; her legacy will fund exciting new initiatives which will ultimately help to invest in the secure future of renal services in Northern Ireland and fund further research into kidney disease.

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